Sheltie. ♀ 23. ENTP. Bratislava. Socially awkward, might even sound rude. Mostly harmless.
Elementary, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, House MD, Dexter, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Hannibal, Desperate Housewives, FRIENDS, WTNV, SPN, Bones, DW, TW, HP, HGttG, SP, Community, Misfits, 40sth, The Office (UK), LotR, Skins (UK), IT Crowd, Merlin, TBBT, LoG, Psychoville.
Bachelor of Kynology. Special Animal Husbandry student. Worked as a dog trainer and vet nurse.
Gryffindor. Nerdfighter. Got a girlfriend. And a dog. And rats. Draws occasionally. RPs a lot.

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